Municipal Solid Waste Charging

Implementation of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Charging by the Government will be rolled out soon. Property management companies and practitioners should play the role of a coordinator, determining the applicable mode of charging for the managed property soonest possible, and assisting stakeholders such as owners’ organisation, households and cleansing contractors to understand and comply with relevant legislation in preparation for MSW Charging.

"How Should the Property Management Industry Implement Municipal Solid Waste Charging" Leaflet
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What is MSW Charging

How does it work

Why implement MSW Charging

In line with the "polluter-pays" principle, the waste disposed of by all sectors in Hong Kong will be subject to charging based on its quantity to drive behavioural changes in waste generation within the community that leads to waste reduction at source and clean recycling practice, hence reducing the overall waste disposal amount.

MSW charging covers the following waste:

  1. Domestic waste (e.g. household waste and waste generated from daily activities in institutional premises.); and
  2. Commercial and Industrial waste (e.g. waste generated from shops, restaurants, shopping malls, hotels, offices, markets and all industrial activities). 

Construction waste, chemical waste and clincial waste are not subject to MSW charging regime but are subject to their existing charging regimes.

  1. Enhance waste reduction and recycling

  2. Help reduce carbon emissions

  3. Create green job opportunities

Overall speaking, property management companies and practitioners may assist in implementing MSW Charging in the following three areas:

1. Discussing implementation details with stakeholders (including owners’ organisation, cleansing contractor, etc.) and reaching a consensus

2. Assisting frontline staff and households in getting ready

  1. Assisting frontline staff in getting ready   

    1. Formulating codes and guidelines    

    2. Staff training    

  2. Assisting households in getting ready

    1. Publicity and education (explaining to households on MSW Charging mode, waste collection / handling procedures and arrangements, and relevant expenditure (handling oversized/non-compliant waste, designated bags in common areas)

    2. Dissemination of information (erect thematic boards for MSW charging, disseminate information on MSW charging and waste reduction through different channels, provide locations of recycling facilities within or near the premises)

    3. Set up feedback channels

3. Implementating MSW Charging

  1. Regular review
  2. Perform inspection
  3. Report on non-compliant cases
  4. Continuous publicity and education

The Property Management Services Authority and Environmental Protection Department have jointly published the "Property Management Industry Preparation Menu on MSW Charging". 

Training Video (Chinese Only)


垃圾收費常見迷思1 - 物管公司可否為住戶代購指定袋及指定標籤? 

垃圾收費常見迷思2 - 應如何處理違規垃圾? 

垃圾收費常見迷思3 - 違規垃圾處理費由誰支付? 


垃圾收費常見迷思4 - 如何舉報違規垃圾情況? 




MSW Charging Toolkit 

The Best Practice Guides for property management industry reference complied by the Environmental Protection Department


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Shopping mall / Market




Private waste collectors

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