Disciplinary Offences

In accordance with the stipulation of the Property Management Services Ordinance, a licensee commits a disciplinary offence if:

  1. the licensee commits misconduct or neglect in a professional respect;

  2. the licensee contravenes a condition imposed on the licensee’s licence;

    1. the conditions imposed on a property management company licence​​​​​​​

    2. the conditions imposed on a property management practitioner licence

  3. the licensee, without reasonable excuse, fails to

    1. notifying the Property Management Services Authority of changes of prescribed matters; and

    2. (for licensed property management companies only) provide to clients information related to conflict of interest, contracts signed on behalf of clients, and information related to property management designated from time to time by the Property Management Services Authority;

  4. the court determines that the licensee has contravened a requirement in the Building Management Ordinance (Cap. 344) or a deed of mutual covenant that is applicable to the licensee; or

  5. the licensee is convicted in Hong Kong or elsewhere of a criminal offence that may bring the profession of property management services into disrepute; and is punishable with imprisonment (whether or not the licensee was sentenced to imprisonment).

Complaints may be lodged against a licensee who is suspected to have committed a disciplinary offence or no longer meets any of the prescribed criteria for holding the licence (“non-compliance”).  The Property Management Services Authority may conduct an investigation in accordance with the Property Management Services Ordinance if it has reasonable cause to suspect that there is non-compliance.