Property Management Services

As society continues to advance, property variety, scale, and functions have become more complex and diversified, and the public’s expectations towards property management services has continued to raise. Property management has gradually developed and been valued as a profession. In accordance with the Property Management Services Ordinance (Cap. 626) gazetted in and effective from 2016, property management services are divided into seven categories, namely General management services, Management of the environment, Repair, maintenance and improvement, Finance and asset management, Facility management, Human resources management, and Legal services.

Category 1

General management services relating to a property ​​​​

General services relating to property management provided pursuant to a deed of mutual covenant (except those property management services corresponding to categories 2 to 7) for owners, residents, tenants, users or visitors.
​​​​​​​Examples: Assisting an owners’ committee, a management committee and owners to hold meetings; submitting work reports; handling and following up on enquiries and complaints.

Category 2

Management of the environment of a property

Services for the cleaning, hygiene, landscaping or safety of the environment of a property.
​​​​​​​Examples: Cleaning up of waste, plant and silt; waste disposal arrangements; mosquito and pest control; pruning, caring and replacement of plants; security services.

Category 3

Repair, maintenance and improvement of a property

Services for the repair, replacement, maintenance or improvement of a property including the structure and building services installation.
​​​​​​​Examples: Repair, replacement, maintenance of ventilation, water supply and drainage, air-conditioning, elevators, electrical services, fire-fighting equipment; maintenance of the structural safety of buildings and retaining walls.

Category 4

Finance and asset management relating to a property

Services for the budgeting, or management of finance, accounts or asset relating to a property.
​​​​​​​Examples: Preparation of management accounts of properties, such as income and expenditure accounts, balance sheets, budgets and auditor’s reports, and calculation of the amount required for service contracts as well as income and expenditure of special accounts.

Category 5

Facility management relating to a property

Services for the management of ancillary facilities in a property (except those property management services corresponding to category 3).
​​​​​​​Examples: Management of clubhouses, car parks, sewage treatment and major power generation ancillary facilities.

Category 6

Human resources management relating to personnel involved in the management of a property

Human resources management services in relation to individuals engaged by an owner or owners’ organisation in the provision of property management services.
​​​​​​​Examples: Management of human resources engaged by owners or owners’ organisations, including manpower planning and deployment, appointment and dismissal, labour insurance arrangements.

Category 7

Legal services relating to the management of a property

Legal services, generally referring to the provision of information and advice on the legal aspects, in respect of property management services corresponding to categories 1 to 6. (except services provided in the course of practising the profession by a solicitor or counsel or any person employed by the solicitor or counsel and acting in furtherance of that course).
​​​​​​​Examples: Preparation of relevant documents for tribunal hearings and attending hearings.