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《抱擁物管新世代宣傳短片 2023》

《傑出物管人 2023》

《善用創新科技 抱擁物管新世代》

PMSA Specified Courses Graduate Interview Video
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PM Pioneer Awards Ceremony Recap
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PM Pioneer Awards Ceremony Opening Video
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“Paying Tribute to Property Management Workers at the Frontline of Combatting the Epidemic”
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A New Milestone for Property Management
Regulation Breeds Professionalism (2022 TV API)

“PM Good Job”
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Property Management Industry
Licensing Regime
(Licensing regime and 3-year transitional period)

Property Management Industry
Licensing Regime
TV Announcements in the Public Interest

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Continuing Professional Development Scheme

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“Experience sharing on the “Municipal Solid Waste Charging” pilot scheme at Amoy Gardens”

25 October 2021

“Personal Data Privacy: Guidance on Property Management Practices”

25 October 2021

“Building Drainage System Repair Subsidy”
(Including “Building Drainage System Repair Subsidy Scheme”)

7 May 2021

“Resolve property management issues with mediation”

25 April 2022

“Application of Innovation and Technology in Property Management”

25 April 2022

“How property management may make properties safer and more hygenic”

31 August 2022