Continuing Professional Development

In an ever-changing society and property management work environment, property management practitioners need to strengthen their knowledge and skills through continuing education in order to stay up-to-date and provide clients with quality property management services.

The Property Management Services Authority is dedicated to fostering a culture of continuing professional development (CPD) and encouraging the professional management industry to advance with times.

錨點Sustainability in Hong Kong

In recent years, all parts of the world have placed increasing emphasis on promoting sustainable development and advocating for collective efforts to build a harmonious and sustainable future for humanity and the Earth. More and more investors and consumers measure the value of companies based on their performance in ESG: promoting environmental protection (E-Environmental), fulfilling social responsibilities (S-Social), and strengthening corporate governance (G-Governance). Many property management companies in Hong Kong have taken the lead in promoting and actively implementing ESG principles. They have compiled independent reports to disclose their ESG strategies, indicators, and progress. They have also committed to continuously reach the goals they set each year in order to achieve the anticipated results.

As the statutory regulatory body in the property management industry in Hong Kong, the Property Management Services Authority will continue to take on the task of leading and motivating property management companies to integrate ESG principles into corporate management and operations by coordinating the resources and efforts provided by the government, the property management industry, and the community, in order to enhance the industry's competitiveness and raise the overall level of sustainability of the society, making more contributions to the sustainable development of Hong Kong.