Arrangements for opening "gate-fee" billing accounts (if charging by weight)    

Arrangements for Opening Billing Accounts There are two types of "gate-fee" billing accounts, namely "Type A Account" and "Type B Account". 

"Type A Account" - Mainly applicable to companies or individuals (e.g., PWCs) with RCVs registered in their names. Upon approval of the application, "Type A Account" holders can use the vehicles registered under their accounts to deliver waste to waste disposal facilities for disposal. General PMCs and cleansing contractors may engage PWCs with "Type A Account" direct to collect and dispose of waste on their behalf. PMCs and cleansing contractors should discuss with PWCs the arrangements for waste collection services, such as confirming the type(s) of RCVs, relevant details of fee settlement, including billing arrangements (e.g., on a per service or monthly basis, to relieve cash flow pressure on small-sized waste collectors. In the case of regular settlement, the settlement date, payment method, payment period, etc. should be set), how to calculate the fee by quantity of the waste and how to verify the fee, etc., and list the relevant arrangements and calculation methods in the contract, to protect the interests of both parties. 
"Type B Account" - Mainly applicable to large scale waste producers (i.e. premises that generate a large amount of daily waste, e.g., large-scale facilities, factories, shopping malls, etc.). When applying for a "Type B Account", the applicant is required to pay a deposit according to the required number of chits issued under the MSW Charging Scheme (hereinafter referred to as "e-chits"). Upon approval of the application, "Type B account" holders can hire vehicles registered under "Type A Accounts" to dispose of waste at the waste disposal facilities. The drivers of the relevant vehicles are required to present the e-chits provided by the abovementioned "Type B Account" holders when entering the waste disposal facilities to allow the weighbridge computer systems to record the "gate-fee" direct in the accounts of the "Type B Account" holders, so that the relevant fees can be charged direct to the "Type B Account" holders via monthly statements afterwards. E-chits are only applicable to "Type B Accounts". For details on the account opening and "gatefee" payment arrangements of the two types of accounts, please refer to Annex VIII. “Environmental Protection Department encourages large PMCs to apply for "Type B Account" direct. "Type B Account" holders may use the registered vehicles of "Type A Account" holders to deliver waste to the waste disposal facilities, and then pay the relevant fees direct to the EPD." In this way, the "Type B Account" holders do not need to separately verify the relevant "gatefee" amount with the "Type A Account" holders and arrange for subsequent reimbursement. This arrangement may also reduce the cash flow and bad debt problems which the "Type A Account" holders would otherwise face as they have to pay the "gate fee" in advance.